Homeowners love adding on to their homes and doing home improvement projects. With the right vision and materials, people can really make their homes look brand new or completely different. However, some projects require the knowledge and heavy-lifting power that comes from hiring private contractors. That’s why so many throughout the area turn to Sunset Builders, Inc., especially when the add-on is a garage. The garage is a functional and versatile space that provides additional storage and protection for your valuables. So, if you want a new space to park your car and the lawnmower, there are several things to consider first.

3 Things to Consider Before Building a Garage

1. Zoning

Before planning out your new garage build, find out what your zoning laws are. Planning and designing a garage before knowing what’s allowed on your property will likely lead to let-down. So, read up on what’s allowed in your area. Many zoning laws will give specific instructions for how big your garage can be, what type of materials can be used, and if you should consider any extra drainage. Knowing all of these ahead of time will also help you budget for a garage that’s within code and meets your needs. 

2. Single or Double

Once you know zone laws and rules in your area, you can decide whether you want a single or double car garage. The size of your property will also help determine the answer to this question. If you’re considering a single-car garage, make sure you have room for a 14-by-20-foot slab. For a two-car garage, you should leave enough room for a 20-by-24-foot concrete slab. 

3. Attached or Detached

Depending on what you plan to use the garage for, you might be deciding between an attached or detached garage. If you plan on using the space just to park your car, then an attached option is your best bet. Usually, these are also cheaper than a detached garage since one wall is already in place. However, if you want an additional workshop and storage away from the house, then a detached garage is perfect.

Call Us Today

Adding a garage onto your home takes skill and craftsmanship. It also takes time, which you may not have. So, why not call the team at Sunset Builders, Inc.? We proudly serve residents throughout Bedford, Manchester, Nashua, and New Boston, NH. We can also transform an existing garage into an in-law’s quarters, finish basements, or build your custom dream home. Give us a call today at (603) 533-7504 to get started.  

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