Are you considering remodeling your basement but are worried about potential water damage? Waterproofing your basement is essential to protect your investment and ensure a dry and comfortable living space. Below, Sunset Builders, Inc. explains three practical ways to waterproof your basement and keep it safe from water damage. Plus, this will keep your basement remodel in excellent condition for years!

3 Ways to Waterproof Your Basement

1. Exterior Waterproofing

One of the most effective ways to waterproof your basement is by addressing the issue from the outside. This method involves excavating around the perimeter of your home and applying a waterproof membrane to the exterior walls. This barrier helps prevent groundwater from seeping into your basement and causing damage. Additionally, installing proper drainage systems, such as French drains, can help redirect water away from your foundation, further protecting your basement from flooding.

2. Interior Waterproofing

If exterior waterproofing is not feasible for your home, interior waterproofing is another option to consider. This method involves applying sealants or waterproof coatings to the interior walls of your basement to create a barrier against moisture. Installing a sump pump can also help remove excess water from your basement, preventing potential flooding during heavy rainstorms. Interior waterproofing methods are typically more cost-effective than exterior options and provide adequate protection against water damage.

3. Drainage Improvements

Proper drainage is crucial in preventing water damage in your basement. Ensure that gutters and downspouts are directing water away from your home’s foundation, as this can help prevent water seepage into your basement. Installing window well covers can also help keep rainwater out of below-grade windows, reducing the risk of leaks and flooding. Regularly inspecting and maintaining your drainage systems can go a long way in protecting your basement from water damage.

We Transform Basements into Livable Spaces

Remodeling your basement with Sunset Builders adds valuable living space to your home here in Manchester, NH. Whether you choose exterior or interior waterproofing techniques or improve drainage, taking proactive steps to address potential water issues will pay off in the long run. For a quote on finishing your basement, contact us at (603) 533-7504. We can also discuss a new garage build or home addition to give you the living space your family needs.

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