Are you thinking about adding in-law quarters to your home? There’s a lot you have to consider – both financially and logistically – so you’ll need a team of experts on your side to ensure the building process runs smoothly. This is where Sunset Builders, Inc. steps in. We know how important it is to have family nearby, which is probably one reason you’re thinking about a new home addition. Here are some of the other benefits you’ll enjoy when you add in-law quarters.

4 Benefits of In-Law Quarters

1. Comfort

Multigenerational living isn’t that uncommon. In fact, many adult children add in-law quarters to their home as a way of providing comfort for aging parents. Often, senior living facilities are small and undermanaged, leaving the elders to fend for themselves much of the day. With an in-law suite, you can customize everything from the square footage to the special accommodations your parent or in-law needs, including wider doorways and a larger bathroom. All of these personalized touches give your family members more comfort and independence. 

2. Great for Bonding

If you live in another state or don’t get to see your parents often, the bonding time greatly decreases. Not to mention that the grandkids are missing out on precious time with their grandparents. In-law quarters allow for more bonding time, leading family members to have deeper and more meaningful connections. Not only is this time good for small children, but it’s also good socialization for the elders. It also makes holidays and special occasions easier on everyone, since there isn’t any traveling required.

3. Better for Guests

Sometimes, people add in-law quarters to their homes in preparation well ahead of the years when their parents will need extra care and assistance. If you’re in this boat, you could find other uses for your new addition. These might include renting out the space for short-term visitors or inviting guests to stay there when they visit you. Since you’ve customized your suite, your guests will have everything they need for a comfortable stay. It’s also a great space for college kids who come back home from time to time and crave a little more privacy than their old bedroom provides. 

4. All-Around Better Value

There’s no arguing that an in-law quarter provides great value to you and your family, but it can also boost the value of your home. As more and more young people look for homes with extra space, properties with an in-law suite are even more enticing. Furthermore, an in-law quarters that’s just a stepping stone away is much better than a pricey assisted living facility. You have peace of mind with your loved one close, and your aging parent can actually enjoy their retirement funds rather than spending it on long-term care. 

Let Us Build Your Space

Any addition to your home takes careful planning and expert guidance. Let Sunset Builders, Inc., build your new in-law space. We believe your home should live up to all your needs and expectations, which is why we make your additions affordable and customizable. We also do home remodeling, basement finishing, and garage additions for residents throughout Manchester, Bedford, Nashua, and New Boston, NH. Get started with your free quote today or call us at (603) 533-7504.

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