Is your home not meeting your needs, and do you wish you had more room? The Sunset Builders, Inc. professionals are here to help transform your home by expanding your current living space or designing a new custom home. But how can you trust us? Well, it all starts with knowing what to look for in a local contractor. So, here are some tips for finding the right contractor to work with (but we’re pretty confident it’ll be us).

How to Choose the Right Contractor

Cheaper Isn’t Always Better

When looking for a contractor, it is tempting (and human nature) to want to get the best price. However, you should be cautious of a contractor offering a price that seems too good to be true. Our skills and expertise don’t come cheap, and this is one case you can expect to get what you pay for. So, if at all possible, find a contractor who isn’t offering rock-bottom prices. 

Ask for a Portfolio

A professional and established remodeling contractor will have a great portfolio of examples. These pieces give you a great frame of reference and easily let you picture what these professionals can do for your home. Additionally, you should ask for references and follow up with them. Those with former experience will either ease your mind or give you more information to consider. 

Check on Licenses and Insurance

Any professional doing work in the construction industry needs to have the proper licensing and insurance. However, not every professional team upholds or renews its policies. Hiring a company that’s properly licensed and insured guarantees you’re working with a credible business. These credentials also guarantee that if a nearby property is damaged during construction, you’re not footing the bill for those repairs. 

Get Your Free Quote Today

When you hire contractors from Sunset Builders, Inc., you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with some of the best professionals in Manchester, NH. Our team is experienced in different remodeling projects, including new garage builds, basement finishes, and custom home builds. So, if you’re interested in transforming your home, contact us today by calling (603) 533-7504

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