Does the exterior maintenance of your home feel like a burden? Then let the team from Sunset Builders, Inc., take care of things for you! Our team is well trained in dealing with major repairs, including wood rot. But what exactly is wood rot, and how do you spot the signs of it? Well, we’re glad you asked because not many homeowners think about it. So, here’s what you need to know and how you can remedy this common problem with your home’s exterior.

How to Spot Wood Rot Around Your Home

Wood Rot Explained

Wood rot occurs in areas where there is a lot of contact between wood and moisture. Fungus and mold tend to take hold first, spreading quickly through the entire piece of wood. These microscopic organisms thrive in moist environments and continue to spread to other wood beams and structures. Some of the most common causes include:

  • exposure to the elements.
  • roofing or siding damage.
  • improper insulations.
  • clogged gutters.
  • cracked or damaged window frames.

Where You Should Look for Wood Rot

When looking for wood rot, you should inspect your home inside and out. Depending on the damage, you’ll likely be able to spot it easily, However, other areas of wood rot might not be as easily identifiable, especially under siding or below ground. Great starting points to look at include window sills, door frames, decks and patios, lower cabinets, attic joists, crawl spaces, and even around the base of bathtubs and toilets. 

What Wood Rot Looks Like

Some signs of wood rot are obvious, while others are not so much. Still, if you notice any cracking around door frames and window frames, you should consider the possibility of rot. Wood rot can also leave holes in planks in your attic or around the foundation of your home. More than likely, you’ll notice a musty smell near the area, and the wood will be dark or discolored. Lastly, flaky paint is a great indication that the wood is rotten and needs repair. 

Call the Exterior Home Improvement Experts Today

Wood rot is a safety hazard to your home, so getting it repaired right away is crucial. Fixing the rotten portions also stops the spread of the fungus to other planks. So, when you need an expert team to help remedy the situation, call Sunset Builders, Inc. We proudly serve residents throughout Manchester, Bedford, Nashua, and New Boston, NH. We can even build you a new custom home, put up a new garage, or finish the basement. Get your free quote when you call (603) 533-7504 today.

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