When it comes to caring for the earth, Sunset Builders, Inc. believes that every “green” decision makes a big difference — no matter how small it may be. Whether you want to add insulation to improve efficiency or build a solar garage to produce energy, we can help. Sunset Builders has become a leader in green construction methods. Located in New Boston, New Hampshire, we provide comprehensive services throughout Manchester, Bedford, Nashua, and the surrounding areas. Call us at (603) 533-7504 to learn more about going green.

Sustainable Lifestyles

Sunset Builders’ green construction offerings include passive solar house plans and even net-zero homes, but we are particularly proud of our design for a solar garage that can produce enough energy to provide hot water, power, and 80 percent of the heating needs of a 2,600 square-foot home.

Home solar panels have been slow to catch on in large part because they aren’t aesthetically pleasing. And since the roof-mounted panels usually are out of reach, they can be hard to clean when they are covered in snow or leaves — thus rendering them ineffective for several days.

Our innovative solar garage solves those aesthetic and practical problems while slashing the homeowner’s utility bills. Read about the building process below:

The Solar Garage Solution

  1. We construct a garage or workshop on a portion of your property that isn’t normally in view.
  2. Next, we position the solar panels at the precise angle that best utilizes the sun’s rays. Many of the panels are just two feet off of the ground and can be easily brushed off in case of snow.
  3. We also build a 500-gallon underground water tank, which stores hot water for household use. Since it’s insulated, it can keep the water hot for days — even if the sun doesn’t shine.
  4. This system can also power radiant-floor heating systems.

In the spring and fall, when you aren’t quite as dependent on heat and air conditioning, our solar garages often produce more power than you use. If that happens, it will show up as a credit on your utility bill.

Solar Garage Manchester NH

A solar garage also provides highly valuable space that can be used for just about anything. Use it for storage, turn it into a workshop, or create a living-space for in-laws; the choice is yours!

Contact us at (603) 533-7504 to learn more about how our solar garages and other green construction techniques can save the environment — and save you money for decades to come.

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Sustainable Improvements

Whether or not you’re ready for a solar-powered home, we also recommend some green construction solutions that will decrease your carbon footprint and increase your savings. Which of the following ideas can you incorporate into your home remodeling project?

  • Install high-efficiency doors and windows. Much of a home’s energy is used to heat and cool the house, and the doors and windows provide places for that expensive air to escape. With high-efficiency doors and windows, you’ll conserve energy — and lower your utility bills.
  • Choose extra insulation. If you’re building a room addition or a custom home, make sure to buy high-quality insulation. Insulating your home helps to maintain its temperature so the furnace and air conditioner don’t have to work as hard.
  • Invest in duct sealing services. Almost every home has leaky ducts that run up energy bills and compromise occupants’ health. The patented Aeroseal duct sealing process stops the leaks.
  • Purchase local, recycled products. One of the easiest ways to promote sustainability is to purchase recycled materials locally. It’s quite easy to find recycled wood, countertops, glass, doors, and more.

Double Wall Construction

We have had an overwhelming response to our green method of wall construction, which ensures your home’s energy rating exceeds R-40. In other words: It will be ready for anything. Read below for details on how this green construction tactic can dramatically cut your utility bills.

Green Construction Manchester NH
  1. We build the exterior walls on a 2×8 plate that extends over the outside box of the house to allow the foundation insulation to run up flush to the outside of the wall.
  2. Two 2×4 walls are built on this plate – one on bottom and one on top, with the studs staggered to accommodate exterior sheathing and interior drywall, resulting in less waste of materials.
  3. Before we stand the walls, we add a sealant to create a gasket between the floor sheathing and bottom wall plate to further eliminate heat loss.
  4. We then have the exterior wall sprayed with closed-cell spray foam, which seals the wall.
  5. After the mechanical work is complete (plumbing, wiring etc.), the bibbed insulation and drywall are installed.

Whether you want to take small steps towards sustainability, or one huge leap, we’ll help you achieve a green home — affordably. Contact us at (603) 533-7504 to speak with one of our professionals today.

Immediate Results

Several years ago, we used the double-wall system on a 4,000-square-foot home, resulting in oil bills that averaged $135 per month for the winter months (November-March).

After installing green construction systems, another customer heated his 2,500-square-foot home with only a wood stove — and just 3-1/2 to 4 cords of wood per year. The oil tank was filled when he moved into the home. After three years, more than half the tank remains.

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Recently, we built a 1,200-square-foot addition to an older home and converted the floor of the whole house to radiant heat. Foam sheathing was added to the exterior of the original structure, along with new windows and additional insulation in the attic and in the basement. With the upgrades, the homeowner saw only a slight increase in heating costs despite all the extra space: an average heating bill of just $61 per month!

Other Green Decisions

You can find several do-it-yourself projects to make your home environmentally friendly, reduce your energy use, and implement other green solutions. When you need professional help in the Manchester, NH, area, contact Sunset Builders at (603) 533-7504 to find out more about our green construction expertise. We are a proud member of the Build Green NH Council, and our experienced contractors are equipped to handle whatever home improvement you have in mind, from interior remodeling to exterior renovations. We build with the future in mind.