Going green and being more sustainable starts at home. You might be recycling more or being more conscious of the products you buy at the store. But what about your energy? In the last decade, solar panels have become a popular home improvement installation, especially on the garage. In addition to building your new garage, Sunset Builders, Inc. can also help you go green with solar panels. Here are just a handful of benefits homeowners can expect from their new solar garage.

3 Benefits of Solar Garage Panels


1. Energy Costs

The whole goal of solar panels is to make your home more energy-efficient and reduce your energy costs. A solar garage works in the same way. Whether it’s attached to the house or operating as your workshop, this space can be completely self-sustaining with the right panels. These energy-capturing cells can capture and hold onto the sun’s energy, even on cloudy days, so you never have to worry about spiking energy costs. When you rely on renewable sources for energy, you can drastically decrease your dependency on the energy company. 

2. Tax Breaks

Another benefit of a solar garage is that the installation and cost of these panels qualify you and your home for federal, state, and local tax breaks. In some cases, you could receive a dollar-for-dollar break on your federal tax returns, of up to 26% of the final cost of the installation . For many homeowners, this tax credit alone is enough reason to put up a solar garage or solar panels on the house. 

3. Better for the Environment

Here at Sunset Builders, we’re all about green construction services, and a solar garage is just better for the environment. Not only do you reduce your dependency on fossil fuels, but it also reduces your greenhouse gas emissions. It’s estimated that between 2000 and 2065, we will lose more plant and animal species to extinction than the previous 65 million years. So, if you want to help reduce your impact, a solar garage is the way to go. 

Upgrade Your Garage

 Are you looking for ways to get more out of your home in Manchester, NH? Then a garage addition with solar panel installation is a great choice. A solar garage addition from Sunset Builders gives you that added workshop, playroom, or guest house you’ve been wanting. We can also help you with home additions such as in-law quarters or basement refinishing to give you additional living spaces. To get your free quote, call us today at (603) 533-7504.

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