Planning a new garage project in Manchester, NH? Before you pick up your tools and start building, it’s important to understand the building codes and permits required for construction. Navigating these regulations can seem daunting at first, but with the right information, you can ensure that your project is compliant and runs smoothly. So, Sunset Builders, Inc. breaks down the must-know building codes and permits for a new garage project.

Navigating Building Codes and Permits for a New Garage

Get Familiar with Local Codes

The first step in any construction project is to familiarize yourself with the local building codes. These codes ensure that buildings are safe and structurally sound. When it comes to building a new garage, you must adhere to specific regulations regarding things like size, height, setbacks from property lines, and materials used. By understanding these codes upfront, you can avoid costly mistakes and delays during the construction process.

Obtain the Right Permits

Next, it’s important to obtain the necessary permits for your garage project. In Manchester, your project will need both a building permit and a zoning permit. Building permits are required for any new construction or significant renovations to existing structures, so your home addition falls into this. Zoning permits may be needed if your garage project does not comply with local land use regulations, such as setbacks or lot coverage requirements. As your builders, we submit accurate plans and documentation when applying for these permits to ensure a smooth approval process.

Other Considerations

In addition to building codes and permits, it’s also essential to consider other regulations that may impact your garage build. For example, if your property is located within a historic district or flood zone, there may be additional restrictions or requirements that you need to comply with. We consider these before your project even begins.

Trusted Home Improvement Services

Navigating building codes and permits for a new garage project in Manchester, NH, may seem overwhelming at first, but with the right information and preparation, we can ensure that your project goes off without a hitch. To get a free quote for your new garage, home addition, or custom home build, contact Sunset Builders, Inc. today at (603) 533-7504.

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