Over the years, Sunset Builders, Inc. has been perfecting green construction and utilizing the best solar technology on the market. Because of this commitment to helping homeowners lower their carbon footprint, we’ve been able to help them reduce their energy usage. For example,  homeowners with a net-zero garage experience lower energy bills. Plus, they have hot water for days, thanks to the 500-gallon water tank we install as well. Still, there are many other benefits to turning your home into a net-zero property. Here are three of those reasons.

The Top 3 Reasons to Install a Net-Zero Garage

1. Minimal Monthly Expenses

If you’re tired of getting a higher and higher energy bill every month, then it might be time for solar technology. When you choose to go with a net-zero construction, you relieve the energy grid of your power usage and harvest your own through the sun and through geothermal energy. Both solar and geothermal energy requires little to no maintenance and can dramatically reduce your monthly expenses. Cooling and heating your home can cost you nothing!

2. Tax Incentives

The tax savings alone are enough to convince many homeowners that solar is the right way to go. Here in New Hampshire, there are several different incentives you can take advantage of, many of which cover the installation cost or continue to reward you year after year. For example, you will not be required to pay property taxes on the additional value that the solar panels add to your home. Furthermore, other federal and state programs can help you cover the cost needed to install this renewable energy system. 

3. Higher Home Value

If you think you might sell your home one day, solar panels and being a net-zero property will drastically increase your home’s value. You won’t have a problem selling your home for top dollar! Renewable energy is the future of homeownership and buying. So you can quickly and easily sell your home in the future by getting yours installed today. 

The Time Is Now

If you’ve been considering adding a solar garage or structure to your property, now is the time to act. Sunset Builders, Inc. is eager to help you experience all these wonderful benefits and more. But our services don’t stop here! We also build custom homes, put up new additions, and finish basements throughout Bedford, Manchester, and Nashua, NH. So, get your free quote today when you call (603) 533-7504

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