Designing your house is the best way to achieve the perfect fit for you and your family. As one of the premier custom home builders in Manchester, New Hampshire, and beyond, Sunset Builders, Inc. would love to build your dream home. Simply contact us at (603) 533-7504 today to get started.

Our Simple Process

With our team of experienced custom home builders on the job, designing your perfect home is simple and easy. The process below explains exactly how we’ll take your dreams and turn them into reality:

Step 1: We will meet with you and listen to your ideas and priorities. Then an architect will draw up the plans, bringing the house to life.

Step 2: Once we visualize the house, we’ll begin discussing the details. Do you want marble or granite countertops? Is having a high-efficiency home with solar panels and extra insulation important to you? We’ll then record your preferences and develop a budget.

Step 3: Construction begins. Throughout the building process, we’ll continually update you on our progress.

Step 4: As soon as we finish building your custom home, you can move in and enjoy it for years to come!

Early-American Homes with a Modern Touch

While we can build virtually any kind of home you’d like, we specialize in Early-American styles — custom homes that look like they came straight from the late 1700s and early 1800s. If you love stately, symmetrical homes with unique character, we can show you some of our previous work.

Green Home Construction

Most home builders construct with a consumer mentality. Their goal is to erect as many houses as quickly as they can. However, we do things differently. Our professionals build homes with sustainability top of mind. If sustainable living and green home solutions are priorities for you, we can use recycled materials, buy locally, and even incorporate an innovative solar garage that we developed ourselves. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has several other eco-friendly ideas we can incorporate too.

Your dream home is waiting…

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It’s time to build the home you’ve always wanted. Contact us today at (603) 533-7504 to set up a meeting with our expert custom home builders. If you’d rather transform your existing home, we also do home remodeling, exterior renovations, and room additions. Located in New Boston, NH, Sunset Builders has customers throughout Bedford, Concord, Nashua, Manchester, and the surrounding areas. Come see why we’re the best.