The garage is an important space for any homeowner. Not only does it serve as a place to park your car, but it can be used for storage, as a workshop, or even as an extra room. However, oftentimes, garages can feel cramped and disorganized, becoming the catch-all place for your family. Here at Sunset Builders, Inc., we hear this all the time. So, we thought we’d put together five tips for maximizing garage storage space.

5 Tips for Maximizing Garage Storage Space

Start with a Plan

Before you start designing your garage storage space, it’s important to have a plan in place. Begin by measuring and laying out a floor plan. This will help you determine the most efficient layout. Additionally, you should also consider the purpose of your garage, such as whether you will be using it for storage, as a workshop, or as an extra room. This will influence the design and layout of the space.

Utilize Vertical & Overhead Space

One of the best ways to maximize garage storage space is to utilize vertical and overhead space. Install overhead storage racks or shelves that can hold items like seasonal decorations or sports equipment. You can also add wall-mounted shelving or cabinets to hold tools and gardening supplies. This will free up floor space and make your garage appear less cluttered.

Consider a Modular System

Another smart design idea for your garage is to invest in a modular system. This type of system allows you to easily customize your garage storage solutions. Modular systems can include anything from cabinets and shelving to workbenches and storage systems. By using a modular system, you can create a garage design that fits your needs and budget.

Use Multi-Purpose Furniture

If you’re planning on using your garage as more than just a storage space, it’s important to invest in multi-purpose furniture. For example, you can use an old bookshelf or cabinet as a workbench or tool storage area. You can also add a table that can be used for both storage and work purposes. By using multi-purpose furniture, you can save space and make your garage more functional.

Install Good Lighting

Finally, don’t forget to install good lighting in your garage. This is especially important if you plan on using your garage as a workspace. Consider adding task lighting above your workbench or installing track lighting or pendant lights that can be adjusted to different areas of your garage. Good lighting can make your garage feel more open and easier to work in.

Don’t Overthink Your Garage Storage Space

Garage storage can be tricky, especially if you have multiple cars and need to use the space for various things. So, if you’ve maximized this space and still need room, then it’s time to call Sunset Builders, Inc. We can help develop the perfect solution, whether a new home addition or a new separate garage. Or we can even refinish your basement for more indoor space. We proudly work with residents throughout Manchester, NH, so get a quote from our team today by calling (603) 533-7504.

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